When your roots are planted in fertile soil things will grow. It’s no different here on Learning God’s Word with Becky Smith.

Learning God's Word

In learning God’s word, I looked at the definition below above and realized that this is what God’s divine plan truly is for my life.

Knowledge & Understanding

I thought about the few first words given: Knowledge and understanding. These words reminded me of the hours spent reading my Bible, learning God’s word.

Instruction & Experience

The other words I saw moving through the definition were instruction and experience. These words remind me of when God over and over applies Learning God’s Word to everyday life and situations, trials and troubles.


Learn (lern) verb

  • to gain knowledge or understanding of a skill in by study, instruction or experience
  • to come to be able to do
  • to come to realization
  • nonstandard: TEACH
  • obsolete: to inform of something
  • to come to know: HEAR

Learning God’s word comes by hearing. So then faith (cometh) by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17

Thinking about God’s divine plan for my life Learning God’s Word is what came to my mind. One morning I awoke early to look up the word “learn” in the dictionary. I was excited to see what God had to show me. After seeing the description, I knew at this very point that this is what God had called upon me to do. To LEARN His Word & to learn more about Him.

Amongst many other words that I saw moving through this definition provided were instruction and experience. This reminded me of how Learning God’s Word would certainly play into everyday life and situations that each of us face.

Then I read ‘to be able to do’ and immediately thought of how God fulfills His Word in each of our lives. It is only through Learning God’s Word and truly knowing Him that we are able to do anything.

The one part of the definition that MIGHT be one of my personal favorites, the word realize. So many times throughout the course of Learning God’s Word and His working out His Word in my life I realize, sometimes all of a sudden, the reality of who He is. So many times, even believers don’t seem to have a reality of God or His Word. It’s an amazing thing to realize God.!

Definition number two is teach or inform of something. This is listed as a ‘non-standard’ or ‘obsolete’ definition that was provided in my dictionary. I disagree when applying this to Learning God’s Word. When we take to Learning God’s Word we also teach it. Whether it be to a large audience or to a small Sunday School Class. But for most of us, the most important teaching opportunities are to our friends, family and more importantly is our children. There are times when we teach with words, but more often we teach by the very actions in our lives.

I want to share with you how you can have a better understanding of Learning God’s Word and to show you my plan for putting God’s Word into action in your life.

Learning God's will for our lives involves actively studying the Word of God. Take a look below at some of the areas that I cover in an in-depth study of God's Word.

We're coming closer to the time of a great harvest. Join in with me in Learning God's Word.